Vendor System

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You will surely sell your things always with the Online/Offline Vendor!

Online and Offline Vendors


The Online/Offline Vendor System is probably one of our most unique features.

We created it to give our users a more enjoyable way to buy and sell their goods.

The Vendor System has a lot of features implented such as:

  • A Shop Bank where all the Sold and Unsold items go in. (With an notification!)
  • An exact copy of your Character. (Glow, Name, Guild Name, View Equipment, Icons
  • Shop Search Function
  • Multiple Currency Feature

You can find the Everything over Start > Shop > ....... .

How to get Online/Offline Vendor Time?

You might be wondering how you get Online/Offline Vendor Time.

These are the possibilities:

  • You can get Online Vendor time through Dungeon runs, Vote Shop or Worldbosse .
  • You can get Offline Vendor time through Vote Shop, Worldbosse or Donate Shop/Players.

Note: For certain events with Giftboxes, these Items can also be included.

I sold something where can I find my Perins?


Your sold and not sold items can be found in the Shop Bank.

It may be possible that you have to close your shop first, but this is a rare case.

You can find the Shop Bank over Start > Shop > Shop Bank.

How do I close my vendor?

You can close your Vendor by right-clicking (on the shop),
your items will be in the Shop Bank then, where you can put them back in your inventory.