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This guide is designed to help you to understand the Spirit Dice system better.

What does the Spirit Dice System do?

With the Spirit Dice System we have built in a way to give items with low bonus values a purpose and let your character grow in PvE!

  • Currently only for armor equipment (Shiny, Black and Soulreaver) with bonus values (Hat, Suit, Gauntlets, Boots)

How do I create a Spirit Dice?

Spirit Dice.png

You can open the window under Start -> Features -> Spirit Dice.

If you now place one or two items with bonus values in the window, you'll see the chance to make a "spirit dice".

The chance is calculated as follows: - Maximum bonus values have a chance of 35%. - If you insert an Item into the Window with an Lower Bonus Value, the Server will automaticly calculate and assign the Chance.


When you put an item with a maximum bonus value of STR+50 in it, then the chance is +30%.

  • For two parts with the highest value (2x STR+50) your chance is +60%
  • If you put in an item with a bonus value of STR+25, the chance is 15%.
  • If you put in two items with a bonus value of STR+25 each, your total chance is therefore 30%.

Remember, if you have turned a set part into a Spirit dice you have no way to restore it!

What can i do with the produced Spirit Dice?

You can get additional status values on your character, which only work in PvE!

  • The status values can only be increased up to +75 at the moment.
  • In PvP areas (except Venux) the stats are not included in your damage.
  • The stats are Viewable under "H" (Character Info).

If you use a dice, you have a 35% chance to get a status value (STR, STA, DEX, INT).

The values are added by +1 for each successfully used dice.

Also keep in mind that the system is scheduled for a longer period of time and that you´ll not get the highest bonus of status values in a short time! Consider it as a little extra for the sense of set parts with bad bonus values!