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We changed the leveling system on our Server completely.

Our Server offers you the Normal Leveling Way and the Platinum Leveling Way.

Normal Leveling

The Normal Way will Start with Level 1 to Level 175 with an Higher EXP-Rate that is similar to an Highrate Server which everyone knows which will change when you Start the Platinum Levels.

Platinum Leveling

With the Platinum Level you can rest your Character from Level 175 with 99,99% EXP to Level 175 with 00,00% again and Level-Up your Platinum Level!

For every Platinum Level you progress, you will get awesome Item Rewards!

With these Rewards you will also get Entropia Chip Perins, which can be used to obtain Donation Items without Donating and other useful Items.

The NPC for the Entropia Chip Perins is located in Flarine!

For Every Platinum Level you need a Platinum-Level Scroll which can be obtained from the Beginner Box or for Perins from an NPC in Flarine!

We offering 50 Platinum Level's on our Server right now!

The EXP-Rate will shrink every Platinum Level.

  • Highrate > Midrate > Lowrate

We offer many EXP-Items which you can farm to Level-Up faster!

Platinum Level Rewards


From Platinum level 5 on, you get a few ECP. (Summarizing every gain, you get around 480 ECP from P5 to P50)

  • P20: You will receive the Entropia Platin jewelry (4th best jewelry)
  • P30: Here you will receive the Bloodhunter Stat-Pet (+150 All-Stats)
  • P40: You will get the Shiny Entropia Platin jewelry (3rd best jewelry)
  • P50: You will get a lucky P50 Pet box, which contains one of three Stat-Pets, which all have the same bonus. You can either get the Risu, Valos or the Garm (all three give you additional +250 All-Stats)

In addition to these milestones on 20, 30, 40 and 50, you will get a few days of premium.