Level Rewards

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Platinum level rewards From Platinum level 5 on, you get a few ECP. (Summarizing every gain, you get around 480 ECP from P5 to P50)

  • P20: You will receive the Entropia Platin jewelry (4th best jewelry)
  • P30: Here you will receive the Bloodhunter Stat-Pet (+150 All-Stats)
  • P40: You will get the Shiny Entropia Platin jewelry (3rd best jewelry)
  • P50: You will get a lucky P50 Pet box, which contains one of three Stat-Pets, which all have the same bonus. You can either get the Risu, Valos or the Garm (all three give you additional +250 All-Stats)

In addition to these milestones on 20, 30, 40 and 50, you will get a few days of premium.