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Complete daily quest and farm yourself the Black Shiny equipment!



Kebaria is one of our custom content zones with daily quests. You can see and auto-accept every quest of this continent with the blackboard, which is just a few steps apart from the spawn. Every quest is visible in your quest tab (Q). The quests of Kebaria contain normal monster quests, collection quests, boss quests and the Magma Cave quest.

Monster Overview

The monsters of Kebaria are:

  • [Kebaria] Bear
  • [Kebaria] Elk
  • [Kebaria] Coati
  • [Kebaria] Gecko
  • [Kebaria] Crab
  • [Kebaria] Yellow Toxic Fish
  • [Kebaria] Purple Toxic Fish
  • [Kebaria] Rodent
  • [Kebaria] Slime Monster
  • [Kebaria] Spider
  • [Kebaria] Ostrich

Every monster has it's own boss variant, which is normally located right besides the default spawn of the monster.

Collectable quest item overview

The collectable quest items are:

  • 5x [Kebaria] Apple (around the Apple Tree Den near the Ostrich)
  • 5x [Kebaria] Wood (directly behind the house, where the black board is standing)
  • 5x [Kebaria] Crab shell (inside the large pond with the Purple Toxic Fish and Crabs in it)
  • 5x [Kebaria] Elk's antler (on the road upwards, where the giant is also spawning)
  • 5x [Kebaria] Ruin shard (near the Giant Gecko near the ruins)
  • 5x [Kebaria] Crystal shard (near the Giant Crystal Coati, around the large crystals)
  • 5x [Kebaria] Burnt wood (besides the burning trees, near the Bears and Rodents)
  • 3x [Kebaria] Flying Engine (on the crash site of the plane, near the Rodent boss)
  • 5x [Kebaria] Bones (on the skeleton near the Slime monsters)
  • 5x [Kebaria] Spider web (on the spawn of the kebaria spiders)

Kebaria Shop Items

You can Trade Kebaria Coins for:

  • the best Furniture,
  • PowerUps,
  • Models,
  • Alchemy Recipe's,
  • and Flying Mounts.

Just have a look yourself to get an overview about all these great items!

Kebaria Exchange List

  • 5x Clockworks Rune, 6500x Blood Orb, 180x Kebaria Coin -> Scroll of Armor Merge
  • 3x Scroll of Armor Merge, 100x Black Shiny Ingot (Equipment), 3500 Perin -> Scroll of Armor Merge (Special)
  • 500 Perin, 45x Black Shiny Ingot(Equipment), 30x Kebaria Coin -> Scroll of Bonus Stat-Reroll (Equipment)
  • 4x Clockworks Rune, 5x Scroll of Unbinding, 80x Kebaria Coin -> Scroll of Black Shiny Unbinding (Set)

How do I Merge a Black Equipment?

Armor merge.png

All you need is a Scroll of Armor Merge, a Shiny Part and a Destroyed Black Shiny Equipment Part that you want to be Merged.

You can Exchange the Scroll of Armor Merge from [Kebaria Exchange] Maria or buy it from Players for Perins.

Destroyed Black Shiny Parts can be obtained in Magma Cave of Kebaria.

Note: The awakening will be deleted if you do not use Scroll of Armor Merge (Special).

With your items in the bag this is how you get the Equipment Merged!

  1. Click on your Scroll of Armor Merge / Scroll of Armor Merge (Special).
  2. Left Side is your Shiny Part.
  3. Right Side is your Destroyed Black Shiny Part.
  4. Click on Okay.

If you no longer like your Black Boni you can Re-Roll it 5 Times for a new Bonus Stat!

Note: There will be no refund!