Aurania Temple

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"We will rob God of his power so that we may become stronger."

This guide will bring you closer to the Aurania Temple.

Aurania Temple Information

  • What can I Drop?
    You can Drop Diamond's and Black Weapon Material (This is part of the material needed to make the powerful Black Shiny Weapons.)
  • Do I need a tank?
  • Do I need a healer?
  • How much HP do I need?
    ~2.200.000 HP.
  • Can I use Holys?
  • Can I use Remantis Lacotten?
  • How many Entries does Aurania Temple have?
    Without Premium 2 Entries / With Premium 4 Entries.

Dungeon Guide

Small Signpost:
Aurania Temple is actually very simple,from the spawn(blue dot) you're running straight ahead killing the mid boss(yellow dot), after killing him you're running again straight ahead,by the crossing you're running left killing the mid boss(yellow dot) there, go back to the crossing,running again straight ahead,then by the crossing you're running right kill the midboss there,go back to the crossing,you're running again straight ahead and kill the midboss there,best pull him to a corner because the end boss spawns right in the middle.


  • blue dot = entrance
  • yellow dot = Mid Boss
  • red dot = End Boss

Dungeon Map: