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Complete daily quest and farm yourself the Black Shiny Weapon!



Aurania is one of our custom content zones with daily quests. You can see and auto-accept every quest of this continent with the blackboard, which is just a few steps apart from the spawn. Every quest is visible in your quest tab (Q). The quests of Aurania contain normal monster quests, collection quests, boss quests and some Dungeon quests. Here you can farm everything to upgrade your Weapon to Black Shiny and the Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz Jewelry to Aura Jewelry!

Monster Overview

The monsters of Aurania are:

  • Wild Boar
  • Water Golem
  • Wild Elk
  • Pink Flowertrap
  • Green Flowertrap
  • Purple Flowertrap
  • Fhudsu Flower
  • Small Fhudsu Flower
  • Captain Fhudsu Flower
  • Fluffy Daemon
  • Lime Stone Golem
  • Tied Octu
  • Reptilion
  • White Reptilion
  • Sting Tank
  • Triceratops
  • Vambat
  • Grey Vambat
  • Black Vambat
  • Wild Ape
  • Young Wild Ape
  • Brown Crystal Spider
  • Purple Crystal Spider
  • Green Crystal Spider
  • Red Crystal Crab
  • Turquoise Crystal Crab
  • Blue Crystal Crab
  • Orange Lizard
  • Red Lizard
  • Green Lizard
  • Water Spider
  • Crocargot
  • Water Crocargot
  • Wild Natur Tree
  • Slime Daemon
  • Slime Golem
  • Hopsalot
  • Agamidae
  • Crystal Chocobo
  • Small Crystal Chocobo

Map-Boss Overview

  • Green Baldur
  • Fallen Warrior Frederic
  • Mysterious Golem
  • Mobius
  • Archaic

Note: All Map-Bosse have the change to drop Diamonds.

Collectable quest item overview

The collectable quest items are:

  • 5x [Aurania]Lily
  • 5x [Aurania]Forgotten Chest
  • 5x [Aurania]Green Water Plant
  • 5x [Aurania]Questionable Bones
  • 5x [Aurania]Blue Crystal
  • 5x [Aurania]White Flowers
  • 5x [Aurania]Mushroom
  • 5x [Aurania]Old golden Coin
  • 5x [Aurania]Wheat
  • 1x [Aurania]Genie Lamp

Aurania Shop Items

You can Trade Aurania Coins for:

  • Fashion Set's,
  • PowerUps,
  • Pet-Models,
  • Alchemy Recipe's,
  • and Badge's.

Just have a look yourself to get an overview about all these great items!

Aurania Exchange List

[Aurania Chip Exchanger] Tina:

  • 6x Black Weapon Material, 4000x Aurania Chip, 150x Aurania Coin -> Black Shiny Weapon Box
  • 9x Black Weapon Material, 6000x Aurania Chip, 500x Aurania Coin -> Scoll of Weapon Merge
  • 9x Black Weapon Material, 15x Scroll of Unbinding, 150x Aurania Coin -> Scroll of Black Shiny Unbinding (Weapon)
  • 2x Black Weapon Material, 25x Black Shiny Ingot (Weapon), 75x Aurania Coin -> Scroll of Bonus Stat-Reroll (Weapon)
  • 25x Black Weapon Material, 9999x Aurania Chip, 500x Aurania Coin -> Badge of the Golden Clover

[Aurania Chip Exchanger] Bernd:

  • 9999x [Aurania] Hopsalot Eye -> Pepe Special Box
  • 500x Aurania Coin -> Pan (Cloal-Model)
  • 350x Aurania Coin -> Anime Mask (Crazy)
  • 350x Aurania Coin -> Anime Mask (Calm)
  • 350x Aurania Coin -> Anime Mask (Paralyzed)
  • 350x Aurania Coin -> Anime Mask (Cute)
  • 350x Aurania Coin -> Anime Mask (Angry)
  • 250x Aurania Coin -> Bandana (Black)
  • 250x Aurania Coin-> Bandana (Blue)
  • 250x Aurania Coin -> Bandana (Green)
  • 250x Aurania Coin -> Bandana (Purple)
  • 250x Aurania Coin -> Bandana (Red)
  • 250x Aurania Coin -> Bandana (White)
  • 250x Aurania Coin -> Bandana (Yellow)

How to Upgrade Jewelry to Aura Jewelry

You have to upgrade the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Topaz Jewelry to obtain the Aura jewelry.

If you want to Uprade your Jewelry you need:

  • 40x Kings heart
  • 200x Magic Stones from the Aurania Dungeons
  • 20000 orbs.

Note: You get the orbs from every monster inside the dungeon and the boss drops 1-3 Magic Stones (depends on your luckybox).

  • Dark Forest is for Ruby.
  • Underwater World is for Sapphire.
  • Mystic Valley is for Emerald.
  • Crystal Cave is for Topaz.

If you have all needed items go to [Dungeon Exchanger] Lucy in Aurania and Exhange your Old Jewelry for the Aura Jewelry!

How do I Merge a Black Shiny Weapon?


All you need is a Scroll of Weapon Merge and a Destroyed Black Shiny Weapon that you want to be Merged.

You can Exchange the Scroll of Weapon Merge from [Aurania Quest Exchanger] Tina or buy it from Players for Perins.

Destroyed Black Shiny Weapons can be obtained from Black Shiny Weapon Boxes.

(Exchange for Black Weapon Material, Aurania Chips and Aurania Coins)

Note: Upgrade, Cards and Awakes will be Saved!

Note: The diamonds are being erased there is no way to save them!

Note: If your weapon has a Fusion, the Fusion will also be erased.

With your items in the bag this is how you get the Black Shiny Weapon Merged!

  1. Click on your Scroll of Weapon Merge.
  2. Left Side is your Shiny Weapon.
  3. Right Side is your Destroyed Black Shiny Weapon.
  4. Click on Okay.

If you no longer like your Black Boni you can Re-Roll it 5 Times for a new Bonus Stat!

Note: There will be no refund!